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Hotel de Vassy is located directly on the North Boulevard of the ancient fishing village Egmond aan Zee, which has since become a tourist coastal town. just below the lighthouse J.C.J. van Speijk and a few walking minutes from the cozy village center.

With the beach and the North Sea right outside the door, the North Holland dune reserve a few hundred meters away, the location of Hotel de Vassy can rightfully be called unique. And with a bus stop in the middle of Egmond aan Zee is Hotel de Vassy easily accessible by public transport as well.

At the Voorstraat are many small shops, most of which are open 7 days a week. Around the Pompplein and along the boulevard there are many restaurants with terrace and on the beach pavilions you can even enjoy a beautiful sunset.

In other words, you can enjoy in Egmond aan Zee all year round.

Activities in the Egmonden

All year round a lot is happening in the Egmonden and surroundings.

New Year's Dive (January 1st), Egmond-Pier-Egmond ATB race and Egmond Half Marathon (2nd weekend of January) and Hiking marathon (4th weekend of January).

The weekly morning market on Thursday and the evening market on Wednesday evening (June to August) in the center of Egmond aan Zee. Furthermore, from April to September, every first Sunday of the month, there is a Roots market on the boulevard of Egmond aan Zee. In addition, a summer and winter market is organized annually, the exact dates vary per year.

Twice a year there is fairground on the boulevard of Egmond aan Zee, the Easter weekend and mid-July a whole week.

Of course King's Day (April 27) is celebrated in all 3 Egmonden. Is Egmond aan den Hoef in the center of activity during the Hoevedorps Festival (2nd weekend in June) and Egmond aan Zee gets all the attention during the annual Fishery Day (3rd Saturday in June). The annual fairground in Egmond aan den Hoef starts with the Short Track of Egmond (1st Thursday in July), a huge spectacle, well worth a look and take a gamble on one of the horses of the participants field who trot about 300 meters for the first prize.

For live music lovers there is the Loop naar de Pomp music festival in the months of July and August.

Furthermore, Lichtjesavond (festival of light) in Bergen (1st Wednesday of August), the Caribbean Weekend (2nd weekend of August), Egmond op z'n Kop (3rd weekend of August) in Egmond-Binnen, Jazz & Sail in Bergen (aan Zee) (1st weekend of September), the Derper Beach Bikers Race in mid-October and the Art 10-Days in Bergen (aan Zee) end of October and at the end of the season the Fjoertoer Egmond (Hiking Tour of Fire) (4th Saturday of November).

In short, all year round plenty to do and fun in Egmond and surroundings!


Egmond aan Zee is surrounded by the North-Holland Dune reserve. Traditionally, the 'Derpers' - as the original inhabitants of Egmond aan Zee are called - are used to have a 'lankie' (is a garden for growing vegetables). Which still produces a special dune landscape, especially on the north side of the village.

In addition, the PWN has set out large grazers in the surrounding dunes of Egmond, such as Scottish Highlanders and Koniks horses, making it almost as if you are on safari in the dunes.

Along the Zeeweg towards Bergen aan Zee you will find the sheepfold. Every spring it is very busy to see the lambs. In the autumn you can just meet the herd in the surrounding dunes, where the sheep ensure that the heathland stays well.

In spring, the surroundings of Egmond aan Zee will change into a color sea. All kinds of bulbous plants are in full bloom from the beginning of April - blue grapes, various types of daffodils, scented hyacinths and tulips in all shapes and sizes. The fields only change a few weeks a year in beautiful color boxes. Many tourists come to Egmond especially during this season, to experience the colorful spring itself.

You can also make dune or beach rides on horseback. In Egmond aan den Hoef you can be informed about the possibilities at the riding schools Manege Groot or Manege de Hoef.

Walking or cycling through dunes, forests or enjoying the fresh air along the beach, it's all possible in the beautiful natural surroundings of Egmond aan Zee.

Rescuers from Egmond

With the North Sea in your front yard, so to speak, we - as a seaside resort - can not do without the KNRM and the Egmond Rescue Brigade. Both organizations ensure that you can stay safely on our coast.

That is why a visit to the lighthouse J.C.J. van Speijk and the KNRM lifeboat shed may not lack your stay in Egmond aan Zee. During the summer season, both locations are frequently opened to the public.

On the annual Fishery Day of Egmond in June you can see various demonstrations carried out by our lifeboat the Adriaan Hendrik and lifeboats from the surrounding coastal municipalities, which often results in spectacular moments of action.

Picture made by Dirk Sander.

Art & Culture

The municipality of Bergen breathes art and culture, so as an art lover you can enjoy yourself here.

The Egmonden are part of the municipality of Bergen and there are many beautiful historical places that you can visit. Such as the Abbey of Egmond-Binnen, the Slotkwartier in Egmond aan den Hoef or the museum of Egmond aan Zee. Exhibitions are organized throughout the year at all the locations mentioned.

There are also various sculptures in our beautiful village Egmond aan Zee, including this artistic representation of the lifeboat by artist Loek Meurs, who lived in our village for many years.

Alkmaar cheese market

Within about 20 minutes you are by car or bus from Egmond in Alkmaar, where from the last Friday morning in March to September every week the world famous Cheese Market of Alkmaar is held.

After a visit to the cheese market you can browse around in the Old Town, with many nice craft shops or take a cruise through the canals of this Alkmaar Splendor City!

In the months of July and August there are evening cheese markets on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm as well.