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Hotel de Vassy:

Privacy Statement

This is the privacy statement of Hotel de Vassy located in Egmond aan Zee.

This privacy statement applies to all privacy sensitive information or personal data that you provide to us, for example when making a reservation (by telephone, email or via our website). We attach great importance to the privacy of our customers and therefore exercise the utmost care in handling and protecting personal data. We process data in accordance with the conditions set in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Hotel de Vassy is responsible in the sense of the GDPR regarding the processing of your personal data. This means that only we determine which personal data are processed, with what purpose and in what way. We are responsible for your personal data being processed in a proper and careful manner in accordance with the GDPR. In this privacy statement we explain which data we process and for what purposes they are used.

Overview of personal data
Below is an overview of the personal data we process:
- First and last name
- Address data
- Telephone number
- E-mailaddress
- Credit card details are destroyed immediately after use

Purpose and principles of processing personal data
By agreeing to this privacy statement, you explicitly give permission in the sense of article 6 paragraph 1 sub a of the GDPR for the processing of your personal data. If you do not give permission, please notify on departure.